herb planter

Are you more interested in planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables--or even fruits? Do you have a lot of sun or shade? What type of plant is beautiful to you, and what type of plants grow well in containers? Do you want to benefit pollinators or birds? Thinking ahead and selecting the right type of plant to accommodate your space and preference will help you create a container garden that brings you joy and accomplishes your objectives!

Title: Vegetable and Herb Gardening in Containers
Author/Source: Cornell Cooperative Extension
Description: Clear 5-page overview of growing vegetables and herbs in containers, including a detailed plant chart of vegetables and their container garden requirements.   Also available in Spanish:

Title: Extending the Garden with Great Native Plants in Pots
Author/Source: Kim Eierman, Ecobeneficial
Description: While many gardeners plant in pots, few realize that there are many native plants which will do very well in containers.  Not only are native perennials and smaller shrubs less expensive than exotic annuals as container plants, they provide many ecological benefits. 

Title: Container Gardening
Author/Source: Cornell University - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Description: Ideas for plants that grow well in containers and that benefit birds.

Title: Container Gardens Made for the Shade
Author/Source: Garden Design
Description: Describes types of plants that are good for a shade garden, and how to optimize the conditions for growing shade-loving plants.

Title: No Fail Garden for Designing Beautiful Containers (Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers)
Author/Source: Garden Gate Magazine
Description: Describes the difference between “thriller,” “filler,” and “spiller” plants that can be grown in containers, why you might choose one type of plant over another, and how to mix the three types to create a lovely garden.

Start from seed
When starting a container garden, you can choose to purchase seedlings or to start plants from seed.  Plant seed packets will provide instructions with the specifics about the depth and spacing for planting each seed. Starting your plants from seed is a fun way to observe the germination process!