Choosing the right soil for your pots isn’t difficult and can make a big difference in the healthy growth of your plants. Learning the difference between potting and gardening soils, and when and how to fertilize your plants is key to a successful Container Garden!  Many people feel more comfortable growing vegetables in a container, as they know the soil will be free of impurities. 

Title: Outdoor Container Gardening
Author/Source: Cornell Cooperative Extension, Rockland County
Description: Overview of outdoor container gardening includes 3 formulas for making your own potting soil medium for containers, depending on what type of plants will be grown, as well as suggestions for fertilizer types. 

Title: Choosing the Best Potting Soil Mix for Container Gardening
Author/Source: Get Busy Gardening
Description: The article describes many considerations for container gardeners when choosing soil, including what type of container is being used, the difference between garden soil and potting soil, the need for fertilizers or compost, etc.