container gardenA container for gardening.

Selecting the types of pots to use in a container garden is both fun and purposeful! From terra cotta to wood, and from purchased to repurposed household items, there are pots that look lovely and also fit into any budget. These resources cover what factors to consider when selecting containers, whether for ornamentals or edibles. Some articles cover containers well-suited for growing food, such as self-watering containers and "grow bags." Information on making your own low-cost containers is included. 

Title: Self-Watering Containers: The Basics
Author/Source: Kerry Michaels, The Spruce
Description: Overview of types of self-watering containers, how they work, and their advantages.

Title: Why We Love Self-Watering Containers
Author/Source: Young Urban Farmers
Description: Introduction to self-watering containers--containers that have a reservoir of water built into the bottom of the system--and their advantages, especially for growing edibles.

Title: 14 Best DIY Self-Watering Container Ideas
Description: Ideas for DIY self-watering containers that you can make, often repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Title: Earthbox Learning Center
Description: Whether or not you choose to use this particular self-watering planter product (or make your own with some of the DIY tips in other articles and books listed above), the Learning Center offers a host of useful articles and other information on gardening with containers, including a section of how-to videos as well as videos showing examples of the use of these self-watering containers in rooftop farms, teaching gardens, etc. 

Title: Container Gardening
Author/Source: Tara Hammonds, Cornell College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Description: Brief article discussing considerations for choosing containers for urban farming. Also includes links to other articles including a detialed and thorough Urban Guide to Farming in NY, which may be of interest to those exploring urban agriculture. 

Title: Pros and Cons of Using Grow Bags for Gardening
Author/Source: Shelley Pierce and Tonya Barnett, (blog)
Description: Analysis of the pros and cons of using fabric "grow bags" as containers.