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Defining Leadership

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"The State of our County is fierce. Fierce. The risk takers, the makers and the doers - are always the ones that carry us to prosperity. Ladies and gentleman, I am asking you tonight to join me on this journey. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move forward. Together. United." Read the CE's welcome.


CE Latimer Takes Steps to Close County Budget Gap

In light of the impact of COVID-19 on the County’s budget, and the impact it is likely to continue to have, creating a voluntary separation incentive is a fiscally prudent step the County can take to mitigate the revenue shortfalls created by the virus. This is one more thing we can do to assist with getting, and keeping, the County’s finances on track. -- George Latimer, County Executive. Proposed Voluntary Separation Program.


Moving Forward in Westchester

#MyWestchester Youtube Video

#MyWestchester Youtube Video


Westchester County Working For You

Every County department is hard at work for the nearly one million people who call Westchester home.

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As we coordinate efforts with local, state and federal officials, we offer useful information regarding COVID-19.
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Sign up to receive up-to-date information issued from the Office of Economic Development. We encourage local businesses to stay informed of programs that may offer relief during the COVID-19 pandemic and moving forward.
Testing locations for the coronavirus and its antibodies have been set up in Westchester County. Use this interactive map to enter your address to find a location that meets your needs. This map only shows locations in the county.

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