County Executive Robert P. Astorino with Judge Judy SheindlinMay 18, 2017 - Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino will congratulated 60 promising young women and their professional women mentors at the 10th Annual Her Honor Mentoring Graduation at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow, May 18, at the Larchmont Shore Club, 1 Oak Bluff Ave., Larchmont.

“Mentors play such an important role in a person’s life,” said Astorino. “Not only did these young women get on-the-job training, but they also got to see first-hand what it takes to set goals and succeed in the workplace. I congratulate all of the students who completed the program, and thank our fantastic mentors.”

Funded by Judge Judy Sheindlin, the presiding judge on the #1 daytime syndicated television program, “Judge Judy,” and developed by her daughter, Nicole Sheindlin, Her Honor Mentoring is administered by Astorino’s Office for Women and the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation.

Mentees were selected this year from the following high schools: Lincoln, Mamaroneck, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Saunders, Thornton and White Plains

“The future of this great country rests in nurturing excellence. These young women represent hope in our future,” said Judge Judy Sheindlin.

Her Honor Mentoring will be distributing Hero Grants to the graduating class of mentees that continue on to college to pursue their dreams of becoming the hero of their own story.

Mentors are leaders within their professions and are community role models. Mentees and mentors are matched according to career interests and life experiences. Mentees work weekly as apprentices at their mentor’s workplace. Mentees also attend monthly workshops on topics that are designed to further enhance professional skills, such as budgeting, business etiquette, public speaking and more.

Meet The Her Honor Class of 2016-2017 Mentees and Mentors

Lincoln High School

Paola Ferreira - Describes herself as a social justice warrior.
Hon. Michelle Schauer - Judge - Ninth Judicial District, Westchester County Family Court

Maria Jose Guzman - Enjoys supporting her community’s appreciation for cultural diversity.
Christie Verschoor - Human Resources Manager, Stew Leonard's Wines

Jennifer Madrid - Looks forward to pursuing a biology degree and a career in health care or science research.
Nancy Dong - Vice President, Controller, ContraFect Corporation

Gisselle Mejia - Prides herself on unrelenting patience because things in life don’t always go as planned.
Darlene E. Reda - Director, Westchester County Family Justice Center

Angelica Nunez - Interested in finding a career that focuses on helping people.
Hon. Rachel Hahn - Judge - Ninth Judicial District, Westchester County Family Court

Elisabeth Ramos - Looks forward to earning a college degree that will provide flexibility with directions and goals.
Ellen Story  - Director of Management Development, Stew Leonard's - Yonkers

Jasmine Rodriguez - Feels being open-minded is an important quality to have, especially for a career in the sciences, since possibilities are endless.
Luz (Lucy) Moreno-Casanova  - Director of Community Gardens, Greyston Foundation

Mamaroneck High School

Araceli Arias - First gen student of Mexican descent who is determined to attend college.
Gail Vidales  - Co-Executive Director, Community Resource Center

Madelin Alvarez - Plans to pursue a career that helps others.
Edith Barillas  - Owner, Minuteman Press Mamaroneck

Jayleen Barbosa - Passionate about the arts; photography, graphic design and writing.
Viviana Kaffury - CEO/Executive Director, Kaffury Designs

Celeste Burrell - Many career interests including managing her own business.
Laura Bott - Owner, Bott & Co. Productions/The Bott Shoppe

Emily Cerna - An active member of her high school film club and dreams of working in the entertainment industry.
Christina Carino-Forrest  - Government/Community Production Manager, LMC-TV

Jennifer Sabrina Hernandez - Proud of her El Salvador traditions and looks forward to being the first person in her family to attend college.
Robi Schlaff  - Director, Westchester County Office for Women

Claudia Paz - An active peer leader who regularly meets with younger students as both a mentor and tutor.
Kemberly Martinez - Personal Banker, Wells Fargo Bank

Jessica Perez - As the oldest child in her family and a role model to her siblings, Jessica is intent on pursuing higher education.
Gladys Perez-DiVito  - Licensed Psychotherapist

Erendira Pulido - Encouraged by her mother to focus on becoming a strong, independent woman.
Kenia Bustamante  - Licensed Real Estate Sales Person, Stetson Real Estate

Jennifer Rodas - Prides herself on recognizing opportunities and making the most of them.
Janet Rolan - Director of Services/BIA Accredited Representative, Community Resource Center

Mount Vernon High School

Brenda Maria Alves - Feels she will never be able to repay her parents for all of her amazing opportunities, but achieving a college degree would be a start.
Rita Ramirez  - Vice President, Digital Partnership, North America, MasterCard

Tianna Brown - Believes that math and science skills are fundamental in her formula for future success.
Cathy Mulrow-Peattie - Senior Managing Counsel - Enterprise Security Solutions, Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard

Jeralyn Escamilla - Excited by all the possibilities our world has to offer.
Renee Fleuranges-Valdes - WW Business Partners Ecosystem Development - Cloud, IBM Information Management Software

Taury Phelps - Enjoys the challenge of working in an environment that demands efficient and effective organization, time-management and communication skills.
Arsalan Danish - Associate Analyst, Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard

Angilee Sewkarran - Career interests include business management and marketing.
Denise Walker - Executive Vice President, Strategic Public Policy Initiatives, Law and Franchise Integrity, MasterCard

New Rochelle High School

Melanie Anaya - Looks forward to an amazing career in medicine.
Paula Mcpherson  - Assistant Director of Nursing, Dumont Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing Care

Alexandra Krause - Favorite school subjects have always been STEM related.
Maria Garzona  - Account Manager, Scality

Port Chester High School

Marysol Chu - Loves all the STEM classes and hopes to attend Binghamton University.
Mecca E. Santana - VP Diversity & Community Relations, Westchester Medical Center

Lizveth Torres - – Plans to pursue a career as a Pediatrician or mid-wife.
Marie Yezzo - Director, Support Services, Westchester Medical Center

Saunders High School

Anessa Addarich - Describes her formula for success as committed, thoughtful and positive.
Julie-Anne Selvey - VP, Brand, IAC Applications

Essence Aiken - Dreams of attending FIT and pursuing a career in the fashion industry.
Louisa McTurner  - Owner, Weezie D. Ladies Boutique

Keidy Almonte - Passions include architecture, design and sewing.
Tracey Mitchell - Diversity Compliance Manager, New NY Bridge Project, New York State Thruway Authority

Gabriela Barragan - Strives to be a positive role model and inspiration to others.
Terri Miller - Director of Child Welfare, Yonkers District Office, Westchester County Dept of Social Services

Stephanie Dorney - Focused on pursuing a career in criminal justice.
Hon. Mary Anne Scattaretico-Naber  - Judge - Ninth Judicial District, Westchester County Family Court

Allyssa Fay - A keen interest in fashion design, photography and poetry.
Aimee Aubin  - Program Coordinator, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute

Sinead Gonzalez - Passionate about helping others through difficult situations.
Farley Sawyer  - Lead Facilitator, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute

Mariely Matilde - Plans to attend culinary school and one day open a bakery.
Mariana Delgado-Gambini  - Co-Owner, Chantilly Patisserie

Jennifer Niola - Knows that her future career plans will involve something in the healthcare field.
Traci Gardner, MD  - Adolescent and Pediatric Medicine, The Children's Village

Merary Padilla - Dreams of attending CIA and knows it takes hard work to become a master chef.
Mercy Angelino – Bakery Manager, Stew Leonard’s - Yonkers

Alexandra Sanchez - Plans to prove anyone that has ever doubted her that she is a positive example of an independent, hardworking, strong woman.
Vedette Roye  - Senior Personnel Staff Assistant, Westchester County Dept of Social Services

Amy Tovar - Unsure of her ultimate career path but knows she will be attending and graduating college.
Shelley Mayer - Assemblywoman, District 90, D-Yonkers

Vanessa Vazquez - Loves to learn new things and looking forward to the many of options college classes have to offer.
Gina Gaines - Director, Westchester Educational Opportunity Center/WCC

Thornton High School

Aranzazu Illescas - Looks forward to breaking the cultural stereo- types that women should be cooking and cleaning.
Gilda Benedetti - Vice President, Global Sales Force Effectiveness, North America Markets, MasterCard

Samantha Jagmohan - Learned at a very early age that education is a sacred gift.
Shubhra Srivastava - Vice President, Media Solutions, Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard

Marissa Jallow - Describes herself as a well-rounded person who knows a little bit about many things.
Trecia Pessoa  - Senior Counsel, Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard

Moesha Muschett - Credits her academic success to being respectful, honest, hardworking and kind.
Jean Russo - Vice President, Technical Accounting, Corporate Finance, MasterCard

Brittney Robinson - Plans to pursue a career in business and accounting.
Robin Harmon-Myers  - Owner, Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors

Naomi Valentin - Dreams of being a medical doctor or owning a business.
Lindsay St. Lawrence - Vice President, Product Sales, Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard

White Plains High School

Daysi Fuentes Aguilar - Focused on pursuing a career in one of the STEM related fields.
Natasha Caputo - Director, Westchester County Tourism & Film

Celine Bills - Looks forward to a career pursuing social justice.
Margaret Taglia - Deputy Town Attorney, Town of Greenburgh

Alejandra Diaz - A bi-lingual speaker who loves to study language and communication.
Marika DeAgazio - Executive Recruiter, Randstad Professionals

Jadelynn Diaz - Fascinated with psychology and criminology and hopes to join the FBI.
Hon. Dolores Braithwaite  - Judge, Greenburgh Town Court

Alexis Espejo - Enjoys reading medical journals, learning about the human body and doing volunteer work.
Tamaris Princi - Director of Senior and Community Services, Westchester Independent Living Center
Suzanne Schatzle - Supervising Probation Officer, Victims Services, PSI Investigations and DV Offender Supervision

Soledad Galeno - Leads her life with an open heart and mind. Soledad is a proud youth ambassador for the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.
Antoinette Klatzky  - Co-Creator/Program Director, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute

Sharon Garcia - Looks forward to working in a professional environment and receiving guidance on college and life from her mentor.
Graciela Heymann - Executive Director, Westchester Hispanic Coalition

Marylyn Gramajo - Determined to serve her community by becoming a police officer.
Chief Anne FitzSimmons - White Plains Police Department

Kiana Luna - Dreams of volunteering for the Peace Corps and a future career in international relations.
Janet Estevez-Filardi - Facilities Manager, Krasdale Foods, Inc.

Yara Maldonado - Wants to be the first in her family to graduate college so she can be in a position of help to others.
Caroline Camargo - Global Application Program Management Lead, Bunge Limited

Abril Michelle Lopez Melendez - Proud of her Mexican heritage. Loves to share her robust culture and especially their great food.
Yolanda Valencia  - Committee Coordinator, Hispanic & Minority Affairs Task Force, Westchester County Board of Legislators

Keisy Dulanto - Focused on making her parents proud by trying to do her best in every class.
Joan Williams, MS  - Senior Admissions Counselor, The College of Westchester

Gisselle Robles - Loves helping others because so many people have helped Gisselle when she needed it.
Martha Anderson  - Spanish Speaking Program Specialist, Westchester County Office for Women

Kayla Ryan Sarmiento - Prides herself on paying close attention to detail, completing assignments with full dedication and laser focus.
Sadie Lovallo - Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the CIO, Avon Products, Inc.

Evelyne M Velez - Describes herself as having an enthusiastic approach to learning new things and meeting all types of people.
Hon. Arlene Katz - Judge - Ninth Judicial District, Westchester County Family Court