Westchester residents and businesses alike recognize that their most valuable resource is human capital and invest accordingly. The county’s outstanding educational facilities provide excellence at all levels, from pre-school to post-graduate, and include technical and vocational skills development.

Quality child care and after school programs are available at regulated child care programs throughout Westchester. Parents can obtain a list and learn how to choose a safe, reliable place for their child(ren) at no charge by contacting the Child Care Council of Westchester.

Westchester’s 40 school districts reflect the diversity of the county and share a mutual commitment to excellence and achievement. School districts vary in enrollment size, from smaller village districts to larger urban systems.

Expenditures per pupil are substantial throughout the county. Pupil/teacher ratios are kept low, and support personnel and services are extensive. Westchester continues to attract well-qualified professionals to staff its schools. Many teachers are educated at the master’s level and beyond and continue to participate in ongoing professional activities.

Within New York State, Westchester students excel in the Regents examinations, pupil evaluation programs and preliminary competency tests. SAT scores in the county exceed state and national averages, and an exceptionally large proportion of students take the exam. Most Westchester high school students go on to college, with some districts reporting close to or 100 percent enrollment.

For those students wishing to enter the workforce directly, many vocational programs are offered within local school districts and through the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). These programs include Occupational Education, Special Education, Instructional Services, Information Systems and Interscholastic Athletics and Transportation Services. In addition, Westchester County contains several Special Act Districts, which provide unique educational and therapeutic opportunities to students, between the ages of five and 21, who have experienced difficulty in previous school settings.

Elementary and secondary schools
Westchester County offers a choice of private elementary and private secondary schools as well. Among these are a number of culturally-oriented institutions, such as the German International School NY, the French-American School Of New York and Keio High School, a Japanese high school, indications of Westchester’s increasingly global population.

The county is home to more than twenty post-secondary schools, almost all of which grant degrees. In addition, several business schools offer certificate programs.

Westchester Community College
Westchester Community College
, with a main campus in Valhalla, offers more than 50 associate and certificate degrees. The school has 12 satellite centers throughout the county, as well as a distance-learning program. As part of the state university system, WCC is affordable, particularly for county residents.   

Our compilation of Westchester County’s municipalities, libraries, agencies and school/special districts, including links to local school district Web sites is a valuable resource for residents.