• The county logo can ONLY be "county green," gray-scale or white (knock-out, reverse) using ruled lines instead of the gradient box.
  • Never change the color of the logo.

logo county green RGB


Download green logo

gray scale logo


Download gray-scale logo

 white logo or knockout on black backgroun


Download white (knock-out) logo



Safety Space

  • The image files have been created with the required safety space that equals 1/3 the height of the logo artwork.
  • Do not crop the files to change the dimensions .
  • When increasing or decreasing the size of the file, the proportions are to remain constrained.
  • If you require a file with greater resolution, contact IT Graphics at .


Usage Guidelines

  • The Westchester County logo should not be modified or altered in any way.
  • Do not use the county logo in such a way that could suggest sponsorship or endorsement by the county or in a way that confuses the county with another entity and/or brand.
  • Share the link to this page with printers and organizations who will be printing or publishing the county and county department logos on your behalf.


  • County green color values are listed below.
  • Additionally, these are the values for white, #ffffff, and black, #000000.
  • When reproduced, the county logo will have shades of "county green" in the gradient box element.
  • When producing marketing materials in black and white, the printer may use either the gray-scale or color file.

Green county swatchHEX: #006056
CMYK: 90-41-65-28
RGB: 0-96-86
PMS: 3292


Use of county logo in advertising and marketing materials

  • When using the county logo in conjunction with other logos, all logos should be of equal weight.
  • The green and gray-scale logos must remain on their white backgrounds even if a page has color. The green and gray-scale logos NEVER sit directly on a color; ALWAYS on a white background.
  • The white (knock-out) logo must remain on its BLACK background. The knock-out is ALWAYS white; color NEVER shows through the letters and lines.
  • County department logos with commissioners and directors names and titles can be downloaded directly from County Department Logos Art Files. If changes are required, contact IT Graphics at .

Merchandise and manufactured items

  • Contact IT Graphics at to review artwork needs for merchandizing opportunities.