The Law Department’s Contracts and Real Estate Bureau represents and advises the county, its officers, boards, and departments on its contracts and real estate transactions. This bureau reviews agreements for compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning procurement, financing, and the environment.

The bureau’s attorneys also draft, negotiate and or review bids and requests for proposals, licenses, permits, resolutions to be submitted for approval to Board of Acquisition and Contract; legislation to be submitted to the Board of Legislators; legal opinions; legal advice on proposed county projects; tax certiorari orders; and Health Department declarations.

The bureau reviews projects before they are undertaken, or in their early stages, to identify and address potential legal impediments before significant resources are expended.

In addition, the bureau provides crisis management services, such as negotiating takeover agreements with sureties, where a contractor has defaulted.

Tami S. Altschiller
Assistant Chief Deputy County Attorney
Westchester County Attorney's Office
148 Martine Avenue
White Plains, N.Y. 10601
(914) 995-2660