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Message from the CE Message
Section A Section A
Enabling Acts, Budget Format, General  
Explanation, Organization Chart, County Gov't   
Section B Section B
Summaries, county budget  
Section C   
County current operating budget   
Board of Legislators
County Executive
  - Office
  - Governmental Relations
  - Communications
  - Youth Bureau
  - Office for the Disabled
  - Office of Economic Development
  - Tourism
  - Advocacy and Community Services
  - Veteran's Services
  - Office for Women
  - Office of Affirmative Action
Human Resources
Department of Budget
Board of Elections
Section C-1
Department of Finance
Department of Information Technology
Board of Acquisition and Contract
Department of Law
  - Risk Management
Department of Planning
Department of Emergency Services
Section C-2 
County Clerk
Department of Social Services
  - Relief 
  - Information Schedule, Total Costs
Section C-3
Senior Programs and Services
Department of Consumer Protection
Community Mental Health Services
Health, Department of
  - Children With Special Needs
Section C-4
Department of Laboratories and Research
Department of Correction
Tax Commission
District Attorney
Department of Public Safety
Department of Probation
Public Administrator
Solid Waste Commission
Section C-5
Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
  - Playland
  - County Center 
Section C-6
Department of Public Works and Transportation
  - Transportation Division
  - Public Works Division
Section C-7
 - Special Contingency Reserve
 - Arts and Cultural Affairs
 - Economic Development
 - Education
 - Legally Mandated
 - Miscellaneous
 - Infrastructure
 - Insurance
 - Westchester Health Care Corporation
 - Fringe Benefits
Section D  
Airport Enterprise Fund  Section D
Section E Section E
Salary Scales  
Additional 2013 Budget Documents Additional Documents