The Department of Budget provides budgetary planning and control to ensure the overall financial wellbeing of Westchester County government and the efficient use of county resources through cost containment. The department is responsible for the preparation, control and operation of the county operating budget, the water, sewer and refuse districts' budgets and the capital budget.

Note:  The most up-to-date budget books are published below.

2024 Budgets

2024 Adopted Operating

2024 Adopted Special Districts

2024 Adopted Capital

2023-24 Proposed Westchester Community College

2024 Quarterly Forecast

First quarter update

2023 Budgets
2023 Adopted Operating

2023 Adopted Special Districts

2023 Adopted Capital

2022-23 Adopted Westchester Community College

2022 Budgets
2022 Adopted Operating

2022 Adopted Special Districts

2022 Adopted Capital

Westchester County is on a calendar year budget. The Westchester County Budget Office serves as staff to the County Executive and the County Board of Legislators on budget issues. The department prepares the annual operating budgets and capital budgets for the county and its four water districts, 11 sewer districts and one refuse disposal district, as well as for Westchester Community College.

County taxes actually account for between 15–18 percent of a total property tax bill. The remainder of taxes are levied by school districts and local governments. Westchester also shares its sales tax revenue with most local governments and school districts.

Taxes are apportioned based on assessment data and trends in local communities.

The New York State Budget is available at the official site of the New York State Division of the Budget.