The members of the Police Reform Task Force are comprised of County and local police professionals, criminal justice professionals, members of the Human Rights Commission, members of the County’s Police Advisory Board, criminal justice advocates and members of the African-American clergy. The Task Force is co-chaired by Mayo Bartlett and Leroy Frazer, distinguished professionals in the law enforcement and criminal justice fields.

The members of the Police Task Force are:

Mayo Bartlett (Co-Chair)
Leroy Frazer (Co-Chair)
Jack Alemany
Horace Anderson
Gail Baxter
Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr.
David Clarke
Hon. Terry Clements
Rev. Frank Coleman
Richard Conway
Rev. Doris Dalton
Rev. Troy DeCohen
Andre Early
Shondra Floyd McClary
Thomas Gleason
Chad Golanec
Michael Hagan
Dr. Damia Harris-Madden
Barbara Hart
Paul Hood
Damon Jones
S. Ken Jones, Esq.
Lila Kirton
Anahaita Kotval
Tom Luzio
Martin McDonald
Chris McNerney
Hon. Damon Maher
Lawrence Otis Graham
Chief Melvin Padilla
Karine Patino
Rev. Dr. Stephen Pogue
Terrance Raynor
Tejash Sanchala
Robyn Schlesinger
Hon. Colin Smith
Robert Tucker
Rev. Dr. Verlin Williams