Detective Luis Munis, Jessie Ferreira-Cavallo, County Executive Rob Astorino, Detective Hector Cartagena, Priska Diaz, Dr. Jesus C. Jaile-Marti, Tarcisco Tovar and Hector Lopez, President of the Westchester Hispanic Law AssociationSept. 25, 2017 - On Friday, County Executive Robert P. Astorino celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association, Salsa legend, Willie Colon and News 12 Anchor, Lisa Reyes. Various Hispanic businesses and organizations throughout Westchester County joined the celebration at the Rancho Grande Restaurant in Yonkers.

The event drew over 300 people and was emceed by Reyes. Astorino addressed the crowd in Spanish, thanking Rancho Grande, Tompkins Mahopac Bank, State Farm and the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association for sponsoring the event and congratulated the honorees.

"Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to learn about the growing mix of Hispanic customs and cultures represented in Westchester,” said Astorino. “In particular, we have so many Hispanic-run businesses, leaders and public safety officers who are vital to our neighborhoods. I am proud to honor these exceptional Hispanic Westchester County residents who have not only excelled in their careers, but have also taken time to give back to their communities.”

The six Hispanic Westchester residents honored by Astorino at the event were:

  • Tarcisco Tovar ,Owner of Deli Comercial Méxicana
  • Dr. Jesus C. Jaile-Marti, Chief of the Division of Neonatology and Newborn Services, White Plains Hospital
  • Priska Diaz, Founder & Owner BITTYLAB LLC
  • Detective Hector Cartagena, Yonkers Police Department
  • Detective Luis Muñiz, White Plains Police Department
  • Jessie Ferreira-Cavallo, Hasting-on Hudson Police Officer

History of Hispanic Heritage Month:

  • Hispanic Heritage, which begins on Sept. 15, marks the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries, including: Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
  • Commemoration of Hispanic heritage began in 1968 but Hispanic Heritage Month was legally enacted into law on Aug. 17, 1988, by President Reagan.
  • During Hispanic Heritage month, contributions made by the Hispanic-American community are acknowledged and celebrated. It is also a time to celebrate the unique customs, cultures and histories of the Hispanic-American community.