A tree is an investment. Make sure you purchase from a reliable vendor, and expect to spend more from most. Bare root trees are much less expensive but also harder to successfully grow. If you purchase a mature tree in a container from a nursery, they will usually ship during their dormancy period.

Title: Do’s And Don’ts When Buying Fruit Trees from Big Box Stores
Author/Source: MIgardener
Description: Starting an orchard can be a rewarding project but also can be frustrating if mistakes are made when choosing the nursery stock for your home orchard.

Title: Buying Fruit Trees, Seeds, Plants, and Garden Supplies Online
Author/Source: leadfarmer73
Description: If you have an hour-and-a-half, watch this highly entertaining live streamed video about how to keep from being taken advantage of online when buying fruit trees and other gardening supplies.  In a shorter version, leadfarmer73 takes viewers through the process of ordering and calms fears about ordering trees online from a reputable dealer.