In response to the growing number of cyberattacks across the County, County Executive George Latimer in 2022 created a CyberSecurity Task force to review current policies and procedures of the County and to research the current state of threat mitigation. The major goal of the Cybersecurity Task force is to offer best tools and practices to the County, local municipalities, government entities, nonprofits, small businesses and individuals who are facing the possible theft or loss of cyber assets and data.

The County Executive charged the Task Force with designing and implementing ways to disseminate this information across the County, through town halls and other outreach, including this website.

The County Executive created the Task Force with 9 members, 3 appointed by the Board of Legislators, to serve 3-year terms.
Questions and comments about Westchester County’s CyberSecurity Task Force may be sent to: .

CyberSecurity Task Force Advisory Board Members

Ruth Walter (Chair)
Li-Chiou Chen
Terrance D’Attore
Kevin Duffelmeyer
Eric Gross
Jeff Marshall
Jovan Richards
Fred Silverman
Kim Snyder
Garrett McAlister (Ex Officio, WCC)
Pauline Helen Mosely (Ex Officio, Pace University)
Marguerite Beirne (Ex Officio, DoIT Commissioner)
Terrance Raynor (Ex Officio, Acting Public Safety Commissioner)

Cybersecurity Task Force Meetings

Linked dates open video recordings of past meetings.

Jan. 18, 2023 Meeting Password: pGdqBPK3

Dec. 13, 2022 Work Session

Nov. 16, 2022 Meeting password: eNy5pr9T

Oct. 26, 2022 Meeting password: JqyJt7ZW

April 22, 2022 Meeting password: TamNAj7G

May 18, 2022 Meeting password: 5Dj2X5s2

June 22, 2022 Meeting password: TkMZ4aj7

July 20, 2022 Meeting password: yXpDmvP3

Sept. 21, 2022 Meeting password: qUyd2VD3