Learning how to identify trees is a great starting point for anyone interested in trees. By identifying trees, you are able to connect with your surroundings, understand how to properly care for trees and monitor for species specific pests and diseases, and it is actually fun.

Pocket Guides
Title: Tree Finder: A Manual for Identifying Trees by their Leaves (Eastern US)
Author: May Theillgaard Watts
Publisher: Nature Study Guild Publishers, 1991
Description: Pocket guide for identifying trees of our region by their leaves.

Title: Winter Tree Finder: A Manual for Identifying Deciduous Trees in Winter (Eastern US)
Author: May Watts and Tom Watts
Publisher: Nature Study Guild Publishers, 1970
Description: Pocket guide for identifying trees of our region by their winter characteristics

Online Tree Identification Keys
Title: iNaturalist
Sponsoring Organization: iNaturalist
Description: Download this mobile app on your smart phone and when you come upon a tree of interest, snap a photo, upload and the app will help you identify it! It also works for identifying other plants, insects, birds, mammals, amphibians and fungi.

Title: What Tree Is That?
Sponsoring Organization: Arbor Day Foundation
Description: Online identification key for trees of the region.

Title: Go Botany
Sponsoring Organization: The Native Plant Trust
Description: Online identification key and resource for native plants in our region.

Where to Learn More
New York State and the surrounding region have several outreach and education organizations that provide information about trees, tree care, tree planting programs, etc. Many provide informational webinars, annual conferences, regular newsletters or blog posts that contain the most up-to-date information about trees.

Title: ForestConnect--Connecting Woodland Owners with Knowledge
Sponsoring Organization: Cornell University
Description: Aims to connect woodland users to the knowledge and resources needed to ensure sustainable production and ecological function on private woodlands. One can sign up to the ForestConnect Webinar Series E-list to be informed of upcoming webinars, and view past presentations in the archives.

Title: New York State Urban Forestry Council
Sponsoring Organization: New York State Urban Forestry Council
Description: New York State’s Urban Forestry program is a partnership of public, private and volunteer organizations and individuals that fosters comprehensive planning, management and education throughout New York to create a healthy urban and community forest and enhance quality of life. Provides educational tools for urban and community forestry including webinars.

Title: NYS ReLeaf
Sponsoring Organization: NYS DEC
Description: The New York ReLeaf Program is made up of regional committees and overseen by DEC in partnership with the NYS Urban Forestry Council, a not-for-profit advisory group. ReLeaf brings together tree care professionals, municipal staff, utility arborists, state and local government officials, educators, tree board members, and interested members of the public in support of urban forestry across the state. The program promotes the value of trees, proper tree care, and sound urban forest management practices by connecting communities to technical expertise, information and resources, training, and potential funding sources that will help them meet their local needs and maintain and improve their urban forests.

Title: Urban Forestry Today
Sponsoring Organization: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Description: Monthly webinars (past webcasts can be viewed in the archive) and publications on urban forestry in the northeast.

Title: My Woodlot
Sponsoring Organization: US Forest Service and New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Description: Activities to care for and enjoy your woods, including activities for families, landowners bird lovers, and backyards.

Whom to Contact for Advice
Title: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County
Sponsoring Organization: Cornell Cooperative of Westchester County
Description: A local Westchester resource for information on plant selection, soils, site improvement, proper plant care, eco-friendly practices, integrated pest management, composting and more. CCE offers free or low-cost gardening classes year-round, including workshops on tree care. CCE can help diagnose plant and insect problems by analyzing plant, insect and soil samples. See website for sample submittal form and instructions. CCE also provides an annual Tree Stewardship educational program for municipal employees and residents. Consumer Telephone Hotline Service: (914) 285-4640. Email questions to: