This commission was created to serve as a watchdog to improve consumers' rights, lower costs, and foster fairness, honesty and competition in the garbage and recycling industry. (Learn more about the mandatory recycling law in effect in Westchester County.)

The commission operates under the Westchester County Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection Licensing Law (Chapter 826-a of the Laws of Westchester County), which requires comprehensive background checks of all applicants for a solid waste hauler’s license, as part of a major effort by Westchester County to reduce the influence of organized crime in this industry.

The commission requires that all carters have a county license to operate.

Small Business Initiative Program
Learn more about the Small Business Initiative Program launched in 2024.

If you have a complaint about your carting service, your carting contract, or anything else concerning the carting industry in Westchester County, including illegal dumping, use our online complaint form. All information provided on the form will be kept confidential.

Additional Licensing
Companies and individuals seeking to operate in the solid waste and recyclables hauling industry in Westchester County must be aware that not only must they obtain a license from the Solid Waste Commission, they may also be required to obtain a license from the Westchester County Department of Health. Additionally, individual municipalities within Westchester have their own licensing requirements. Companies should contact each municipality in which they intend to provide carting services to determine each one's licensing requirements.

Customer Bill of Rights
All haulers are required to furnish all customers with the “Customer Bill of Rights." Any contract not containing such language may be considered null and void. Customers who believe that a hauler has violated any provision of this law should contact the Solid Waste Commission.

Annual Report

Customer and Hauler Service Registry
Businesses and residents may use the online forms to seek the best service and price in negotiating a new contract. New contracts may be entered for a maximum of two years and must include the “Customer Bill of Rights” within the contract terms.