County Airport recertified to highest environmental management standardsThe Westchester County Airport has once again been certified by an independent auditor as adhering to  an internationally recognized environmental standard in the way it is managed, County Executive Robert P. Astorino has announced.

The ISO 14001 recertification by the International Organization for Standardization means that the county aiport's Environmental Management System (AEMS)  conforms to best management practices for protecting the environment.

"My administration remains committed to safe operation of our airport in a way that protects the environment, particularly Rye Lake and Blind Brook, and reducing noise," said Astorino. "It is a great accomplishment that we have again been certified to this high international standard. I thank our county employees and airport personnel who have made this possible."

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification is an internationally recognized standard developed under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland. It is recognized by government organizations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as corporate and environmental organizations worldwide, as an effective method to improve an organization's environmental performance.

On Aug. 27, after having conducted an intensive on-site audit of Westchester County Airport's  Environmental Management System, TÜV SÜD, Inc., a third party registrar recognized by the International Organization for Standardization, issued its certification of the AEMS to the ISO 14001 standard, effective Sept. 2.

The scope of the ISO certification includes "all activities at the Westchester County Airport, a 703-acre

facility owned by the County of Westchester, providing corporate aviation, light general aviation and commercial airline services with related aviation support facilities." 

 The AEMS consists of a management structure and procedures that allow the airport to better identify, analyze, avoid or reduce environmental impacts.

The county airport first received this designation in 2004, as just one of three airports in the nation to have obtained this level of environmental performance. Presently about 20 airports in the United States and Canada have been so certified.

The airport continues to add more programs to help protect the environment and achieve environmental excellence. Programs  include:

  • Protecting Rye Lake and Blind Brook by preventing spills and monitoring stormwater and groundwater quality
  • Improving noise monitoring and noise reduction programs
  • Installing spill protection filters on storm drains
  • Implementing an airport-wide spill prevention plan
  • Protecting the airport's wetlands
  • Remediating historic spill sites
  • Implementing ways to reduce usage of and better capture de-icing fluid
  • Improving the airport recycling program
  • Monitoring compliance of the airport's voluntary restraint from flying program
  • Implementing a materials management program
  • Ensuring the proper disposal of wastes
  • Use of all electric ground service vehicles to reduce air pollution
  • Supplying natural gas for HVAC to reduce air pollution and reduce oil stored at the airport.

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