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Crime rates in Westchester County have once more shown a decrease, according to the latest report from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Westchester County Executive George Latimer said the credit for this positive trend goes to the dedicated work of our law enforcement personnel, and our community partners.

A detailed analysis of crime data between 2017 and 2022 demonstrates a notable reduction in unlawful activities. New York State Division of Criminal Justice  Services New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (ny.gov)

Total Index Crime – Down 5.2%

2017- 1,180.6

2022 – 1,119.2

Total Violent Crime – Down 15.7%

2017 -199.1


Property Crime Total – Down 3.04%

2017- 981.5

2022- 951.6

Murder – Down 47.3%

2017- 1.9

2022 – 1.0

Rape – Down 28.9%

2017- 13.8

2022 - 9.8

Robbery – Down 27.4%

2017 – 61.2

2022 – 44.4

Aggravated Assault – Down 7.9%

2017 – 122.2

2022 – 112.5

Burglary – Down 25.2%

2017 – 103.0

2022 – 77.0

Larceny – Down 2.97%

2017 – 818.8

2022 – 794.4

Latimer said: “Once again, it is clear that our dedication to combatting crime in Westchester County remains steadfast. The Westchester County Department of Public Safety is funded at the highest level ever because of my commitment to keeping this County safety for us all. While certain regions in the state are grappling with unfortunate spikes in crime rates, Westchester County is once again maintaining our consistent decline in criminal activities. I credit this encouraging trend to the dedication and courage of our law enforcement personnel.”

The Westchester County Department of Public Safety conducted a thorough analysis, comparing crime data from 2017 and 2022. The findings revealed a significant decrease in crime rates, demonstrating the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts and community collaborations. Detailed statistics indicate a substantial decline in various types of criminal activities, providing a safer environment for residents and visitors alike.

Westchester County Department of Public Safety Commissioner Terrance Raynor said: “These encouraging statistics serve as a testament to the tireless work of law enforcement officers, who consistently strive to protect and serve the community. Through their unwavering commitment, Westchester County has witnessed a remarkable decrease in crime, fostering a sense of security and well-being among its residents.”