The Westchester County Executive's Office hosted an Interfaith Appreciation Breakfast this past Thursday at the Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law. This event brought together individuals of diverse faiths and backgrounds to celebrate the rich tapestry of Westchester County's community.

Latimer said: “In Westchester County, our strength lies in our diversity - and events like this Interfaith Appreciation Breakfast remind us of the importance of unity and understanding among our residents. It is through such gatherings that we can truly appreciate the rich tapestry of our community and work towards a harmonious future together.”

The event was hosted by Crystal Collins, Director of Policy & Programs for Faith-based & Urban Communities, and Christopher Steers, Director of Countywide Administrative Services & Real Estate and offered attendees an enriching experience, promoting unity and understanding among Westchester County's residents.

Collins said: “This event was a testament to the power of interfaith cooperation in building a more inclusive and harmonious Westchester County. It showcased the potential of diverse faiths coming together to celebrate our shared values and strengthen the bonds of our community.”

Steers said: “The Interfaith Appreciation Breakfast at Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and connections among community members of various faiths and backgrounds. It reinforced the idea that when we come together, we can foster understanding and solidarity in our vibrant County.”

Dean Horace Anderson of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting a tone of inclusivity and community spirit. Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins delivered opening remarks emphasizing the significance of interfaith cooperation in building a harmonious Westchester County.

The event's highlight was the remarks from County Executive George Latimer who shared his vision for a harmonious and inclusive Westchester County

The Interfaith Appreciation Breakfast featured inspiring opening prayers from Reverend Dr. Stephen W. Pogue of the Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church in Mount Vernon, NY, and Imam Shaffieq Chace of the Islamic Center of New Rochelle, highlighting the event's commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting respect for various faith traditions.

Qalvy Grainzolt, a Shinnyo-en Buddhist priest, offered a moment of reflection and unity, emphasizing the shared values that bind us all together. This was followed by presentations from County officials, including Senior Programs & Services Commissioner Mae Carpenter, Human Rights Commission Fair Housing Director Josh Levin, and Department of Community Mental Health Commissioner Michael Orth, underscoring the County's commitment to supporting its residents and fostering inclusivity.

A moderated dialogue session encouraged open discussions and the exchange of ideas among attendees, further promoting understanding and unity. The event concluded with a closing prayer led by Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, CEO Emerita of The Rabbinical Assembly and Minister Caura Washington of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Attendees were also provided an opportunity for networking and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow community members.

The Westchester County Interfaith Appreciation Breakfast was a significant event that brought together individuals from all walks of life to celebrate our shared humanity and the richness of Westchester County's cultural tapestry.