The Westchester County Youth Bureau is seeking input from residents ages 12 and up on a Community Youth Needs Assessment, available online now through Friday March 3, 2023. The purpose of the assessment is to identify current strengths, needs and ideas for future services for children and youth in our community.

As part of this assessment, there are three short surveys that are anonymous and confidential. Each survey takes approximately two to five minutes to complete. Surveys include one for youth ages 12-21, one for parents/caregivers and lastly one for youth service providers (people who work with youth at schools, nonprofits, religious organizations, community centers, etc.). The youth and parent surveys are in both English and Spanish.

Take the Parent survey

Take the Provider survey

Take the Youth survey

Flyers for the youth and parent/caregiver surveys with QR codes are attached for circulation.

Please contact Vanessa Perez at the Westchester County Youth Bureau if you have any questions (914) 995-2745.