County Executive George Latimer and the County’s Department of Environmental Facilities (DEF) are proud to announce at $12M upgrades to the Main, Dobbs Ferry, & Hastings Pumping Stations. These upgrades, in line with much of the other work being done by the Latimer Administration, are intended to harden our infrastructure in the face of climate change – leaving future County residents in better shape.

County Executive George Latimer said: “We have seen the damage years of neglect and the impact from storms can have on our County’s aging infrastructure. These upgrades aim to reverse that trend and better our vital facilities for years to come.”

Flood hazard mitigation will be addressed such as the installation of a flood wall around the electrical equipment, water tight flood doors and stop logs, sealing building penetrations, and enclosing the wet well.

At these three pumping stations the work includes the replacement or repair of all mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, odor control, electrical, instrumentation, structural, and architectural systems. This includes bar screens, pumps, piping and valves, gas and fire detection equipment, odor control equipment, conduit and wire, lighting, electrical distribution equipment, the emergency generator system, control panels, floors, walls, windows and roofs. 

DEF Commissioner Vincent Kopicki said: “Preparing for the future is at the forefront of DEF’s mission to serve the people of Westchester. These upgrades, thanks to the vision of County Executive Latimer, are squarely in line with that goal.”