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In recognition of National Pretrial, Probation and Parole (PPP) Week, which is being celebrated from July 17 through July 23, County Executive George Latimer is honoring the Westchester County Probation Department for their proactive work fighting crime. PPP Week, which originated in 1999, was created as a way to pay tribute to community corrections professionals as an essential part of the justice system. In Westchester County, probation officers oversee thousands of cases and supervise thousands of people who are placed on probation each year, and are primarily responsible for ensuring crimes are not committed again once offenders are released back into the public. PPP Week is one way to thank our probation officers for their commitment to public safety, and keeping our communities safe in Westchester. 

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Latimer said: “PPP Week is a time to publicly recognize and honor the work that is done every day by officers at the Westchester County Probation Department. The mission is to keep our communities safe, and our Probation Department shows a proactive approach to reducing crime by working closely with the Department of Public Safety, the District Attorney’s office, our local municipalities and a number of criminal justice agencies. Our probation officers are mentors, they provide guidance, and they are a true force for positive change in our communities. We commend them and thank them for their efforts during PPP Week, and throughout the year.”

Commissioner of the Westchester County Probation Department Rocco Pozzi said: “There is no down time for a probation officer. Our probation officers are going out into our communities every day, putting themselves in harm’s way, and going to field visits or treatment programs to make sure that our probationers are doing what they are supposed to. If we can deal with the issues that got these probationers on probation, then we can really protect the community by not having these events happen again.”

The Probation Department will be holding a gathering to honor and celebrate our probation officers for their important, and often life-changing work during PPP Week. There are currently 144 Probation Officers serving Westchester County.