Following his introduction of this legislation, Westchester County Executive George Latimer has signed into law a cap on the County’s collection of sales tax on gas purchases to $.12 per gallon, equal to the cost of the tax with gas at $3.00 per gallon. In addition to this, Latimer has taken executive action to suspend the collection of Bee-Line Bus fees through the summer.

The gas tax cap will run from June 1, 2022 to Aug. 31, 2022. Latimer’s directive on the County’s Bee-Line Bus fares did not require legislation. This suspension of fares will run during the Summer until a later date.

Latimer said: “These two actions, both the capping of our gas tax and suspension of Bee-Line Bus fees, are simple measures that can really add up for Westchester residents. No matter how you commute, saving money on your trips each day can make a big difference. I thank the Board of Legislators for their partnership on this important, and timely, legislation.”