Westchester County was well represented during the 4th Annual Symposium for Life Science Real Estate Development hosted by NYC Builds Bio on Nov. 4, 2021. The event, which focused on the robust, fast-growing life sciences economy in the Greater New York Metropolitan area, featured two presenters from the Westchester County Office of Economic Development, as well as speakers from four of Westchester’s biosciences ecosystem – Burke Neurological Research Institute, Sapience Therapeutics, Clarapath and East Post Road Ventures.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “Westchester County is home to a thriving biosciences industry where companies at various stages and scale continue to find success. We are proud to be part of forums such as the Symposium for Life Science Real Estate Development where we can showcase the successes of our ecosystem and strategize ways to amplify the growth and impact of the biosciences industry in Metropolitan New York.”

Westchester County’s Director of Economic Development, Bridget Gibbons, said: “The biosciences industry is a linchpin in the Westchester County economy. From supporting startups through the Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator, to extending generous IDA benefits and the support of our Biosciences Industry Desk to growing and relocating companies, we are invested in the continued growth and success of this industry.”

Westchester County’s Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Deborah Novick, said: “Regional conversations about the strategic direction and growth of local bioscience economies are critical to maintaining our competitive edge as a region. Westchester County is home to the largest biosciences cluster in New York State, and we look forward to continued growth and innovation throughout the sector.”

Among the Symposium conversations to which Westchester representatives contributed were a regional life sciences landscape outlook; a regional conversation about federal initiatives; and, projects driving growth in Westchester County.