Latimer Extends Tourism’s Popular “Beyond” marketing campaign to spur the economic recovery of County communities.

Latimer was joined by the County’s Director of Tourism & Film Natasha Caputo and White Plains BID Executive Director Brittany B. Brandwein.

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As part of the Westchester Forward initiative, County Executive George Latimer has launched an extension of Tourism & Film’s marketing campaign and its rallying cry to “Go Beyond Without Going Far.”

Latimer said: “Westchester County has so much to offer residents as well as visitors, including breathtaking river to Sound views, a breadth of hotel accommodations, restaurants ranging from casual to Michelin-rated, beautiful outdoor spaces, cultural and historical attractions and entertainment that starts with Rye Playland and simply doesn’t end. Most importantly, Westchester is safe and easily accessible by any transportation means. And it offers experiences that are beyond expectations.”

The creative campaign, to be carried out through summer and fall, is expanding to partner with County Chambers of Commerce, municipalities and other communities in a unified call to encourage residents and visitors to spend time in their locales. The campaign tagline will overlay an image that IDs a Westchester County community by name. The goal is to collaborate in highlighting the unique appeal of the County’s cities, towns and villages, encouraging economy-boosting visitation and spending.

Westchester County Director of Tourism & Film Natasha Caputo said: “The County’s marketing campaign is based on research that allows us to match the interests of residents and visitors with the offerings and attractions of Westchester. The “Beyond” messaging has evolved to resonate with the times, appealing to people who want to get away from their homes and enjoy an environment that is close by.”

Latimer was joined by White Plains BID Executive Director Brittany Brandwein as the City announced their collaboration with the County on this effort.

White Plains Mayor Tom Roach said: “I am happy to see the White Plains BID Staycation campaign receive this recognition and support from the County. It is a model initiative that will have a positive impact on White Plains and could have a similar impact in other communities who choose to utilize the model. This and other county economic development initiatives set the right tone and will be so important to all Westchester communities as we emerge from the Pandemic.”

Brandwein said: “The White Plains BID is getting ready to launch Staycation White Plains: Go beyond without going far and is proud to lead the way on this effort in the heart of Westchester County. Our downtown has eclectic options to stay, eat, and play, from hip to historical. We are grateful to County Executive George Latimer and Westchester County for their support to move this program forward and to highlight all that White Plains has to offer.”

The marketing initiative will include a free, downloadable toolkit including digital assets, social media posts, and posters for printing, along with guidelines for their use. Assets are currently being developed and will be ready for deployment this month.

Westchester Hotel Association President Sean Meade said: “This initiative will go a long way in supporting the County’s hotel community as it recovers from pandemic-induced closures.”