As a part of the plethora of efforts of the Westchester Department of Correction (WDOC) Executive Team to better the lives of its residents, the team joined with educational and vocational stakeholders to formally recognize four residents who successfully completed the Certified Washer Technician Laundry Program.

This initiative is a vocational training program that offers participating residents the opportunity to become Certified Washroom Technicians (CWT). This is a self-study course where participating residents have up to three months to complete the nationally recognized certificate program.

WDOC Commissioner Joseph Spano, who addressed the graduates, recognizing their hard work and desire to get on a better life path, said: “Your commitment to complete this certificate program is a sign of progress and highlights your desire to not let this period of incarceration define who you are upon return to your community.”

Residents in this program receive hands on training and guidance by working in WDOC’s laundry center while preparing for the examination that leads to the certification opportunity. During the training process participants learn the details about the industrial wash process and the relationship between their role and product outcomes in the field of professional laundromats.

Upon successful completion of the self-paced CWT course, pre-release counselors schedule an examination. Participants that pass the CTW examination receive a certificate of training completion that is issued by the Association for Line Management (ALM). The ALM is an association that provides training and educational materials for all aspects of the textile care industry. The certificate as described by the Association for Line Management (ALM) is an excellent tool for identifying individuals with the capacity to serve as lead personnel from front-line laundry employees.

WDOC First Deputy Commissioner Nory Padilla said: “This certified Washroom Technician program is vocational training that gives participating residents an advantage in the operations of linen management and assist them in being recognized by prospective employers upon return to their communities.”