Bikers, joggers and walkers will notice new signage on the North-South County Trailway that will connect them to the Westchester SMART TRAIL platform. Westchester County is grateful to the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Westchester for sponsoring this project.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “We owe HSS Westchester a debt of gratitude for the sponsorship of this project. Not only does it provide visitors with information about the surrounding area, it can connect them to first responders in emergency situations.”

Covering 34.6 miles of trail, the new signs installed in partnership with Smart Outdoor and Liquid Outdoor display information about mapping and the rules of the trail. Additionally, each sign has its own QR code that connects users to information about nearby parks and businesses, as well as local emergency services.

Commissioner of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation Kathy O’Connor said: “The new Westchester SMART TRAIL platform will undoubtedly enhance the experience of the North-South County Trailway. We encourage Westchester County residents to visit our trails, take some time to scan the QR codes and explore the surrounding areas. We thank HSS Westchester, Smart Outdoor and Liquid Outdoor for their partnership.”

Co-medical Director of HSS Westchester Dr. Warren Young said: “We are pleased to be a part of the Westchester SMART TRAIL platform as we strongly believe in the importance of getting out and staying active regardless of the season. Cycling, walking, and running are fantastic exercises with so many health benefits for people of all ages.”

Managing Partner of Liquid Outdoor Patrick Sherry said: "This project was a wonderful collaborative effort between Liquid Outdoor, Smart Outdoor and Westchester County Parks. To see this sponsorship come to fruition with such an ideal client like Hospital for Special Surgery Westchester is very gratifying. HSS Westchester is a world class locally based facility, and the entire county will benefit from their generous support.”

Westchester Parks Foundation Executive Director Joe Stout said: “As the largest organization supporting the Westchester County Park system, we applaud the efforts to improve the user experience on the beautiful North-South County Trailway, with this new signage. We commend the investment in our parks and thank HSS Westchester for recognizing the importance of parks and open space to Westchester County.”