Each video to highlight women in Latimer’s administration who have done an exemplary job for Westchester.

County Executive George Latimer is extremely proud of Westchester’s diverse workforce – especially those who are women working in County government. Latimer’s administration consists of a vast majority of high-ranking female professionals, more than any past administration, who have done an exemplary job for Westchester County. These women hold positions such as Director of Operations, Director of Communications and Director of Economic Development, as well as serving as Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners for many County departments.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Westchester County Government will be profiling those women who have proven their leadership and passion for helping others. Each woman has their own story to tell, and each one is using their voice to make a difference across Westchester County. 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “Women’s History Month is just one opportunity to celebrate the vital role of women in American history. We want to send a message to women across County government that helps them feel empowered, that encourages them to use the tools they have to create change. All of the women you will meet this month have joined our administration because they believed their background and perspective could help ensure a better life for the people of Westchester. As professionals and as successful women in government, I am proud of each and every one of them for their steadfast commitment towards improving the County we all love to call home.”

You may also go to YouTube to meet Diane Atkins, Director of Human Services for Westchester County.

Across her long and accomplished career with Westchester County, Diane Atkins has risen to the top – both literally and figuratively. From her first job as a typist, to her current post as Director of Human Services for the Latimer administration, her climb has been fueled by her tremendous work ethic and her passion for helping others. Atkins made history as the first black woman to ever reach First Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Social Services, and now, she works closely with the County Executive to recruit and encourage people of color to consider careers with Westchester County.

Atkins said: “This has been a true privilege. He understands that what you look like should not stop you from being where you should be.”