“Westchester County has a significant interest in the safe, successful and complete decommissioning process at Indian Point. Following a lack of public hearing process undertaken by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the County joins stakeholders in requesting that the New York State Public Service Commission exercise their jurisdiction over the proposed transfer of Indian Point and the related spent nuclear fuel facility.

“Questions still remain about the corporate structure and lack of transparency of the Holtec entities, the financial ability of Holtec to carry out the decommissioning process, Holtec’s management of spent nuclear fuel, use of the Decommissioning Trust Funds for spent nuclear fuel management and the failure in the proposed decommissioning plan to address the likelihood of radiological contamination of groundwater and other non-radiological contaminants likely to exist at Indian Point.

“Westchester County urges the PSC to exercise its authority to protect the public interest and assure that the decommissioning process is adequately funded and carried out safely and successfully with restoration of the Indian Point site to an environmentally sound condition for productive use.  Without these assurances, the proposed transfer is not in the public interest.”

Read County Executive Latimer’s full testimony.