“Westchester is immensely proud of New York’s own Senator Charles Schumer on his new role as Senate Majority Leader. Schumer has been a regular visitor to Westchester County and has led us in the United States Senate since 1999. Schumer, a son of New York’s mass transit system, knows what it’s like to be an everyday New Yorker – a background that will only boost our support in the Senate.

“The Senator has been a source of support for things that we believe in, getting us resources as necessary to help us accomplish tasks here. He has also fought for us on issues, like trying to reverse the cap on SALT deductions, which has hurt taxpayers all across this state and certainly in Westchester County. As we enter into a new era in American politics, I am thrilled we will have Chuck on our side in this prestigious position. We welcome him to his new position and wish him best of luck.”