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At today’s bi-weekly COVID-19 briefing, County Executive George Latimer released a short Public Service Announcement featuring Consumer Protection Director Jim Maisano on the importance of watching out for COVID-19 vaccine scams. 

Watch the Vaccine Scam PSA in English.

Watch the Vaccine Scam PSA in Spanish. 

Tips for Westchester residents based on tricks scammers are using:

  • Vaccine is expected to be free.
  • There are no sign-up lists for vaccine.
  • You can't pay to get your vaccine earlier.
  • Medicare or Social Security won't be calling you about getting your vaccine (scammers often act like they are calling from government agencies).
  • You don't need to give out SSN, credit card or bank info before you are able to get vaccine.

If you are contacted by someone looking to sell you early access to the vaccine, contact Westchester Consumer Protection at (914) 995-2155 or at