“As the identified rate of COVID-19 infection within Westchester County rises, we know that this creates significant challenges in our communities. School districts operating in a hybrid model, with six-foot social distancing protocols in place, are enabling students to engage in in-person learning within the school facility environment. The goal of the schools is to serve as many young people in their facilities, daily, as possible. We are also aware of the desire for some parents to have schools return to full, in person learning and bring all students back to school buildings. Unfortunately, with the rising cases of COVID-19 in our County, this is not possible at this time.  Bringing more individuals into school buildings increases the density in schools and presents the possibility of significant risk of COVID-19 spread to students, staff and further risks community spread. Our health/safety protocols are working to reduce spread within our schools. Sacrificing six-foot social distancing seriously reduces the school’s ability to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  The County has been working closely with local school superintendents to support the safety and mitigation efforts in our schools and communities and fully supports the hybrid models in our schools.”