man at podium gives presentation in front of buses and workers wearing masks

Latimer Announces Westchester County Bee-Line Bus System to resume standard operation.

Latimer also premieres two COVID-19 PSAs with more geared toward children to be released later this week.

Watch "Handwashing" PSA

Watch “Wear A Mask” PSA

(White Plains, NY) – The Westchester County Bee-Line System will resume standard operation, resuming front door boarding on all buses starting September 8.  Additionally, all buses are now outfitted with protective barriers that provide floor-to-ceiling plastic sheeting around bus operators.  This new phase will effectively end the COVID response phase, where customers were not charged to ride, that began on March 23.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “We will continue to do everything to ensure safety on the Bee-Line for both our passengers and our drivers. With protective driver shields being installed on the entire fleet of 325 buses, we are confident that we can safely bring back front door boarding and return the system to a more normal operation.”

County Department of Public Works and Transportation Commissioner Hugh Greechan said: “We have been closely monitoring what other transit agencies are doing during this pandemic. In unprecedented times it is important that we are following industry best practices.  With several agencies now resuming front door boarding on buses, including NJ Transit and NICE Bus, we are consistent with other mass transit systems.” 

Riders are reminded to continue utilizing safe practices to stop the spread of the virus. All Bee-Line passengers are required to wear a face covering upon entering the bus and must keep it on, covering their nose and mouth, for the duration of their trip. Whenever possible, riders are encouraged to distance themselves and keep six feet away from other passengers.

The system resumed full service on June 15, and all routes are currently operating on their normal schedule.

For Bee-Line service alerts and schedule information please visit

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

At his weekly Covid-19 briefing, Latimer also premiered two PSAs aimed toward encouraging Westchester residents to remember the importance of washing your hands and always wearing your mask.

In the handwashing video, the necessity of washing your hands to keep you and your loved ones safe is explained with a fun how-to reminder with singing appearances by Latimer, Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins, Board of Legislators Chairman Ben Boykin, Legislator Kitley Covill and Legislator Vedat Gashi.

In the mask wearing video, Westchester residents of all ages explain the importance of wearing masks to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Residents tell us why they wear a mask and who they wear it for.

These PSAs will be followed by videos geared toward Westchester’s youngest residents later this week.