Before Entergy Nuclear Operations begins to cede control of Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) to Holtec Decommissioning International, LLC, County Executive George Latimer is demanding more public transparency from both Holtec and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  Latimer has sent letters, signed by numerous other local and state leaders, to both the NRC and Holtec.

Latimer said: “Westchester County stands to be greatly impacted by the actions of the NRC, Entergy and Holtec and it is imperative we are giving the most complete information and an opportunity to question this information. These two letters serve as Westchester taking charge of that process.”

In the letter to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Secretary Annette L. Vietti-Cook, Latimer calls on the NRC to both extend the public comment period for the license transfer application of IPEC by Entergy to Holtec from thirty days to sixty days, and to hold a local public hearing regarding this application. 

In part, the letter to the NRC states: “The short and long-term impacts of a license transfer for decommissioning purposes will be very significant economically and environmentally to Westchester and the surrounding area. Thirty days is simply an insufficient public comment period for a proposal that is complicated, technical and will have repercussions for generations.

“The size and scope of the project, limited experience with decommissioning plants of this size, uncertainties regarding the transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive material, impacts on the local economy, the level of financing required, and the myriad questions local communities have raised regarding a project of this magnitude more than justify the need for an extended public comment period and a local public hearing.”

Additionally, the letter to Holtec states an offer for Westchester County to host this meeting at the Westchester County Center – where leaders have hosted important meetings impacting our County for decades.

This letter reads in part: “The presentation made by Holtec to the Citizens Advisory Panel on January 15 in Buchanan regarding the proposed PSDAR was informative, but also raised many questions. Therefore, as elected officials representing constituents in Westchester County, along with the Westchester County Board of Legislators, the New York State Senate and Assembly, delegations, and the municipal governments of the Cities, Towns and Villages of Westchester, we jointly request that Holtec meet with us, so we can better understand your proposed plans for decommissioning and provide you with local input. Westchester County is offering to host the meeting at the County Center in March.”