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Watch the news conference.

Census 2020 is coming, and Westchester County Executive George Latimer kicked off the County’s 2020 Census Campaign to ensure that every Westchester County resident is counted. At Pace University’s Pleasantville campus, Latimer was joined by local municipalities who have their own Census Complete Count Committees, Census advocates, community-based organizations, college students and more, to stress the importance of a full and complete count for the 2020 Census. 

Latimer said: “Census 2020 is almost here, and our mission is a simple one – every resident of Westchester County must get counted. We have the reputation of being one of the most difficult to count communities, and the potential loss of representation, and federal dollars, is what is at stake here. We kicked off a robust awareness campaign a full year before Census was set to begin, establishing a Complete Count Committee that has put great focus on ensuring all sectors of the County are participating. We are partnering with our local municipalities and community-based organizations to ensure that if you are a resident of this County – you will be counted.”

Included in the County’s efforts to promote the 2020 Census is a robust public awareness campaign in both English and in Spanish, which includes advertising on billboards, County buses and bus shelters, bookmarks and stickers, and more. Latimer also rolled out a series of seven public service announcements, each one focused on a different target audience for the Census.

Watch the first video: Why the Census is Important for Westchester County

The Public Service Announcements will be released every week leading up to the mailing of the Census. The video topics are as follows:

  • Renters
  • The Disabled Community
  • Senior Citizens
  • Child Advocates
  • Spanish Speaking Advocates
  • Young Adults

Below is the 2020 Census timeline.  Letters from the US Census Bureau will be arriving in mailboxes from mid to late March.

  • March 12 – Mailing 1, Letter
  • March 16 – Mailing 2, Reminder Letter
  • March 26 – Mailing 3, Reminder Postcard
  • April 8 – Mailing 4, Reminder Letter plus Paper Questionnaire
  • April 20 – Mailing 5, “It’s not too late” Postcard

In October 2019, the Westchester Community Foundation awarded a grant of $50,000 to the County Department of Planning to support the work of the Westchester County Complete Count Committee through the hiring of a coordinator for the Committee.  Latimer introduced Heriberto Contreras as the County’s Census Coordinator. The coordinator will provide support for community-based organizations engaged in Census operations; coordinate programs and volunteers where applicable; execute performance assessment and goal-setting exercises; analyze weekly field data reports; and coordinate with local municipalities and their Complete Count Committees.

Westchester Community Foundation Executive Director Laura Rossi said: "Through the legacy of a donor who foresaw the need for practical assistance for complex programs and initiatives, we are pleased to be able to support the Complete Count Coordinator position for the county," said Laura Rossi, Executive Director of the Westchester Community Foundation.

Chair of the Westchester County Complete Count Committee Carola Bracco said: “Neighbors Link applauds the work of the complete count committees across the county that are working hard to ensure that every member of the community is included in the Census. The 2020 Census will determine how money and power are distributed for the next decade. Now more than ever, we must make sure every community member understands their information is completely confidential and every single person in our county deserves to be counted regardless of race, age and immigration status. Thank you to Westchester County for taking a leadership role in a successful 2020 Census count.”  

Head of the Complete Count Committee for the Village of Port Chester Joan Grangenois-Thomas said: “Collaboration and cooperation are two of the secret ingredients to getting a complete count.  A complete count doesn't just benefit minority or low-income populations, it benefits the property owner and the renter, the recipient of public assistance and the business owner. It benefits everyone.”

Pace University President Marvin Krislov said: “The U.S. Census has a profound impact on our lives, affecting everything from our political representation to how much money is allocated for schools, roads, and other major initiative.  At Pace University, we know how important it is that everyone in our community — students, faculty, staff, neighbors — understands what’s at stake, and it’s why we’re committed to ensuring a complete and accurate count.”

Through a partnership with T-Mobile, the County will have access to 200 tablets and 100 hotspots to be used at Census Hubs, where people can receive assistance in completing and submitting Census forms. The County will be establishing Census hubs throughout Westchester. This is also the first Census where responses can be filed online.

For more information, go to the Westchester County Census.