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Participants in the Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator Program were among those attending an orientation session as they begin a prestigious six-month training and mentorship program for aspiring entrepreneurs in life sciences and healthcare technology fields.

The event, held in Manhattan on December 16, included a presentation by the Program Director, Mary Howard, and remarks by Westchester County Office of Economic Development Director, Bridget Gibbons.

“We are thrilled to be launching this program in Westchester County. Growing our biosciences sector has been a priority for us for a number of years,” said Gibbons. “We want to thank all of our new startups. We are really looking forward to your successfully going through the program and putting Westchester on the map from a bioscience startup perspective.”          

“Westchester County’s wealth of hospitals, experienced biosciences executives, researchers and investors have long been involved in the NY start up community” said Mary Howard, Program Director. “We look forward to working with the Westchester County Executive’s Office and the business and research community to help grow the Westchester bioscience startup community”.

The Westchester County Bioscience Accelerator program is a new, competitive entry, 6-month long program designed to provide entrepreneurship education and regional networking to seed-stage ventures to build their teams and secure funds. Innovators with therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, research tools, digital health and materials technology breakthroughs were invited after a competitive application process.

Participants in the Westchester 2020 program include Farzaneh Ahmadi (Nagoya University of Japan); Jacob Nye (Columbia University); Jeannette Mahoney (Albert Einstein College of Medicine); Katya Sverdlov (Independent); Parsa Mirhaji (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) and R. Joye (Independent).

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