November 1, 2019 - To combat the introduction of narcotics and weapons into the Westchester County Jail, the Westchester Department of Correction (WDOC) has started using state-of-the-art body scanner technology at strategic points of entrance. 

WDOC purchased two SOTER RS full body scanner units manufactured by OD Security North America. The scanner technology allows Correction Officers to scan inmates from head to toe in roughly 10 seconds, and then examine the detailed images on a touch screen. The images show a clear difference between human tissue and other materials, including ingested or camouflaged items.

Commissioner of the Department of Correction Joseph K. Spano said: “Traditional search procedures are inadequate when it comes to detecting contraband that has been ingested or hidden in a body cavity. Any contraband that enters our jail presents a potential health and safety risk to all staff and inmates. We are pleased to have this additional layer of security in place.”

WDOC plans to scan all new admissions, court returns, outside work crews and inmates upon completion of their family visits. However, pregnant woman and people with certain medical conditions will not be exposed to the machine.  To ensure compliance, the scanners have been inspected and calibrated through the New York State Department of Health.

WDOC is also vetting new technology to screen mail and small packages and is expected to finalize that process by the end of this month.