November 1, 2019 - Delivering on his promise to create more affordable housing options in communities throughout Westchester, County Executive George Latimer is issuing an affordable housing update. A total of 2,089 affordable housing units have been proposed, approved or constructed since Latimer took office on January 1, 2018.

Latimer said: “My office is taking a new approach to affordable housing by keeping a record of all the units that have been created as affordable, to make sure they remain affordable for their prescribed periods. We have also created a system of updating our affordable housing database as developments progress from the funding stages, to construction to completion. I have included an additional $20 million in funding in the 2020 Capital Budget for affordable housing in the next fiscal year, which will ultimately help to fill a pragmatic need.” 

Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Planning Norma Drummond said: “It’s exciting to see new affordable housing opportunities being proposed and coming to fruition all over Westchester County. There is still a critical need for more affordable housing units in this County, and these numbers are proof that we are moving in the right direction.”

Chair of the Westchester Not for Profit Housing Coalition and Executive Director of Allied Community Enterprises Joan Arnold said: "The not-for-profit affordable housing community is optimistic about the progress made by this administration and plans to roll up our sleeves to work with the Planning Department and County Executive George Latimer to meet the ever-growing complex needs of this diverse County. Historically, nonprofits hear the first cries for help when a family is evicted; a senior is unable to stay safely in their own home, a victim of abuse needs a haven and desperate calls for housing for the homeless and the disabled. Not-for-profits are on the front lines of finding creative solutions to some of the County's most pressing housing problems and making housing for the less fortunate a priority. We are privileged to have George Latimer as our County Executive who understands and values our mission.”

A summary of the Affordable Housing Developments since January 1, 2018 follows:

  • 27 Units Completed and Occupied
  • 465 Units Closed or Under Construction
  • 502 Units Approved by County Planning Board and Board of Legislators, or Industrial Development Agency
  • 215 Units Approvals Pending
  • 970 Units Proposed
  • 2,089 Units Total

The County’s affordable housing units are permanent housing for rental or ownership, and include both new construction and rehabilitation of existing space.

Westchester County’s new Affordable Housing Developments include but are not limited to the following:

  • Approved funding for new construction of 82 rental units at 645 Main Street in Peekskill
  • Closed on lease of property for the rehabilitation of 74 rental units at Mayfair at the former WestHELP site in Greenburgh
  • Approved funding for new construction of 34 units at 25 South Regent Street in Port Chester
  • Approved funding for new construction of 7 rental units at Avalon Bay at the Harrison Train Station
  • WCIDA assistance for the new construction of 3 rental units at MatriArch Development in Pelham

Residents who are interested in learning more about available affordable housing and the communities where the housing is located should use the County’s Homeseeker Website.