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July 31, 2019 – Upholding his promise to open the fully refurbished Sprain Ridge Competition Pool by the end of July, County Executive George Latimer declared the long-anticipated pool at Sprain Ridge Park officially ready for summer fun. This is the first time in at least eight years that the larger Competition Pool and the Activity Pool have both been fully open for the public’s use. Latimer invited kids from Young People’s Day Camp in Yonkers to be the first to jump into the Competition Pool.  

Latimer said: “The grand opening of the Sprain Ridge Competition Pool brings a long, challenging chapter to a close. For far too long children and families were unable to enjoy these beautiful pools, and I am thrilled to invite residents from across the County to enjoy this safe, family-friendly facility this summer, and for many years to come.”

Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins said: “This is a fantastic day, and it is the culmination of a lot of people working really hard together. Because of the visionary leadership and the dedicated professionalism we have in County Executive George Latimer, the Parks Department and our Department of Public works, with our partners in the Board of Legislators, that is what makes today great. I am looking forward to everyone jumping in the pool today.”

The Competition Pool, which can accommodate 500 swimmers, features eight 50-meter racing lanes across the length of the pool, six 23-meter racing lanes across the width of the pool. A new feature is a zero-depth entry ramp that can be easily used by people in wheelchairs, in addition to a four-foot recreational swim area. In addition, two one meter high diving boards will open sometime in August. A larger, grassy area has been installed for spreading a blanket to enjoy the sunshine, which offers a quieter seating choice further away from the pool. When the pool is back in full use as a competition pool, portable bleachers will be rolled out onto the pool deck for spectators.

Deputy Commissioner of the Parks Department Peter Tartaglia said: “We are happy to welcome the community back to the newly refurbished competition pool at Sprain. These lap lanes and recreational swim area are a great addition to the activity pool we opened earlier this month. We look forward to a great future of exciting competition here, in addition to everyday use as a great place to beat the heat all summer long.”

Commissioner of DPW&T Hugh Greechan said: “The Department of Public Works and Transportation and its staff is proud to have been a part of this long awaited project and is honored to join with the County to celebrate the opening of the competition pool. This completes the last phase of the Sprain Ridge Pool renovations.”

New York State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, who presented the New York State Assembly’s Agency of the Month Award to the Westchester County Parks Department, said: “I know that many of my constituents, our children and our adults, value Sprain Ridge Pool. Having the instability of the availability of the pool for a number of years was really detrimental to the well-being of our children. I am an educator, and when children have the opportunity to enjoy their summers, they go back to school ready to work hard and ready to learn.  Today is a proud moment of city and local and state governments working together, because it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that the quality of life for our children is the best it can be.”  

County Legislator MaryJane Shimsky said: “After eight years of waiting, the Sprain Ridge Pool complex is finally complete! My thanks go out to County Executive Latimer and County DPW, for their tenacity in making sure that the job got done, and done right. I hope that the people in my region of Westchester will try out the new facility, and have a great time.”

County Legislator Chris Johnson said: “When we walked in to the complex today, we were greeted by the sounds of cheerful young people and their families enjoying this park, enjoying the water and enjoying their time here together. That is what happens when government works.”

At the start of the 2019 Beach and Pool Season, Latimer unveiled extensive repairs to Sprain Ridge’s Activity Pool, an updated spray deck, a brand new on-site playground and a renovated bath house. A new playground replaced a 20+ year old playground, located adjacent to the reserved picnic area. The playground features a poured-in-place rubber safety surface that feels ‘bouncy’ under foot, instead of an old-fashioned wood-chip safety surface. A colorful slide and two separate jungle gyms for different age groups have also been added, for 2 to 5-year-olds and 12-year-olds. The playground meets ADA accessibility codes as well as consumer product safety codes, and brings a well-used, aging facility into the 21st century. 

The Sprain Ridge bathhouse has also been renovated with a new floor that features a slip-resistant surface, and a coating that will make it easier to keep clean. A new walkway has also been paved between the bathhouse and the playground/reserved picnic area.