LovalloMay 22, 2019 -- He’s cute, he’s green, he’s fun, and he’s already popping up in different communities all over Westchester. He’s Coaster the Dragon – Playland’s new mascot – and he’s been refreshed for the first time in 20 years to appeal to kids across the County. Coaster was created by Harrison native Vincent Lovallo, who also happens to be the Art Director at Archie Comic Publications in Pelham. Lovallo has a long history at the Park both as a seasonal employee and a visitor, who said his fond memories of visiting Playland every summer as a child served as his inspiration to create the fictional character.

Lovallo said: “When I first started working on Coaster, I tried to channel my inner child and think back to all the things I loved when I was growing up. I thought about Disney, my favorite Nickelodeon cartoons, the mascots that I loved on the back of my cereal boxes. But I really wanted to make sure he was a friendly, approachable dragon that appealed to kids because having a friendly face attached to Playland was very important to me.”

Lovallo had three different dragons mocked up before he finally arrived at the perfect “Coaster.”

Coaster is just one part of Westchester County’s plan to revitalize Playland Park during the 2019 season. The new Coaster mascot is being promoted with a social media campaign #HeyCoaster, and kids are encouraged to snap a photo with the new dragon and post it online.   

For Lovallo, Playland has always held a special place in his heart. His grandfather was a Playland employee, and his mother Linda Lovallo has been with the Westchester County Departments of Parks, Recreation and Conservation for the past 17 years.

Lovallo continued: “I hope Coaster’s new look will bring joy and excitement to kids all over Westchester County – just as Playland has done for me all these years.”

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