December 22, 2018 -- “The Federal Government shutdown has, at present, no direct impact on County functions and operations. In the short term, the affected Federal departments do not pose an immediate threat to our day to day responsibilities. However, the TSA employees working at the County Airport are doing so voluntarily without pay. These are our neighbors and we need to be supportive of them as they work to continue to keep us safe. When the shutdown ends, they would hope to get retroactive pay.

“There will be impacts over the long haul if the shutdown continues for an extended period of time, and my administration will continue to monitor the situation to best mitigate any impacts to Westchester County residents.

“It is an embarrassment to use a Federal Government shutdown as a tool to force public policy choices.  It’s not how we operate here in Westchester. I, as the American people, hope this comes to a resolution before the impacts intensify.”

George Latimer, Westchester County Executive