November 5, 2018 – “Election Day is here – a day where we get to choose the future of our Country. This ability to choose isn’t something to take lightly – it is something that those who came before us literally gave their lives to protect. America is defined by our democracy, our ability every year to say to those in power ‘keep doing what you’re doing’ or ‘time for a change’ is an ability we all must never take for granted.

“If you have issues when you get to your polling location, or to find out your polling location, call the Westchester County Board of Elections at (914) 995-5700 or check out - they are here to help. Our County Law Department is also on call to ensure that everyone's voting process is as smooth as possible.

“Voting is your right, don't let it slip away. So no matter who you vote for, what you vote for or where you vote – just go vote.”