Every year New York residents and businesses throw away almost 1.4 billion pounds of usable and recyclable textiles. These items include clothing, footwear, belts, hats, handbags, drapes, towels, sheets and other linens. Fortunately, Westchester residents now have a place to drop off these items ensuring that they are reused or recycled.  The County has contracted with County Recycling, LLC to provide a collection bin at the Household-Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) located at 15 Woods Rd., in Valhalla, NY.

Under the contract, County Recycling, LLC will pay the County a $500 annual licensing fee, plus $0.15 for each pound of textiles that’s recovered. Acceptable items include:

  • All types of clothing incl. jackets and coats

  • All types of shoes, sneakers, boots and cleats

  • All types of accessories incl. belts, handbags, scarfs, hats and gloves

  • All types of sheets, towels and blankets

County Executive George Latimer said: “Westchester’s Department of Environmental Facilities is constantly exploring opportunities to expand our recycling programs and divert additional materials from the County’s waste stream – while also looking for creative solutions to save taxpayers’ money. This initiative will not only expand recycling but will also provide a small revenue stream. This is just another way our Administration is finding ways to provide expected services while keeping in mind the wallets of Westchester residents.”

Department of Environmental Facilities Commissioner Vincent Kopicki said: “Westchester residents are outstanding recyclers – and this is another opportunity to expand on those efforts. Collectively, we can all make a difference, while also generating some revenue.” 

After collection, approximately 45% of the recovered materials are reused as apparel; about 30 percent of recovered textiles are not suitable for reuse and are recycled into wiping and polishing cloths; 20% are reprocessed into fibers for furniture stuffing, carpet padding, insulation and other materials; only 5% is unusable and unfit for recycling. 

Since 2005, the County has reduced the amount of its residential garbage by an impressive 30 percent. In 2017 alone the County reduced its garbage by almost 6,000 tons, which saved the County over $540,000 in disposal costs.  The addition of recyclable textiles furthers the County’s commitment to reduce waste.

Westchester’s H-MRF is open to all residents on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to  3 p.m. by appointment. The H-MRF provides a geographically centralized location for residents to dispose of hard-to-get-rid-of household wastes that are often not collected at the curb, including household chemicals, cleaning products, fertilizers, tires, rechargeable batteries, Freon-containing appliances, electronic waste, propane tanks, and expired or unwanted medications. The H-MRF also offers document shredding service. In 2017, Westchester residents delivered over 766,000 lbs. of household wastes to the H-MRF.  Some small businesses also qualify to use the H-MRF for disposal of chemicals and fluorescent bulbs under the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Program. Make an appointment or call the Recycling HelpLine at (914) 813-5425.