September 12, 2018 -- Proving their commitment to help Westchester County become a bit more environmentally friendly, the entire Westchester County Department of Planning has signed on to the Green Westchester Pledge. The pledge was created County Executive George Latimer and his executive team to help reduce the amount of waste created by disposable glasses, coffee stirrers, coffee cups, plates and utensils. The Planning Department unanimously took the oath, because many of them were already making “green” habits a part of their daily life. 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “I am happy I took this pledge, and I am encouraging others to do the same. The Green Westchester Pledge commits us all to take steps that are realistic and easy, but steps that will go a long way to helping the environment. We need to move away from doing things because of their convenience, and think about the long-term consequences.”

Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Planning Norma Drummond said: “The staff of the Planning Department recognizes that the future health and well-being of the County’s environment is dependent on the actions we all take today. Being environmentally conscious just makes sense, and we have all found ways to incorporate small habit changes into our everyday activities.”

In the pledge, the employees specifically promised to recycle paper, bottles, cans, plastic, tin, cartons and clear plastic; avoid using disposable cups, utensils and straws; reduce lighting when daylight is sufficient and shut down personal computers at night and on the weekends.