Fable Greenhouse HydroponicAugust 22, 2018 - Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and chickens running around – they’ve got it all at Fable: From Farm to Table in Ossining.  The farm was recently awarded a grant from the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council. 

Farm Manager Tom Deacon is bursting with excitement over the award of $41,042 which will be used to construct hoop houses with wash stations, diversify production, and increase sustainable practices.

Fable’s grant award was made possible by the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC). REDC is a State program aimed to increase local investment and economic development. “Fable” is devoted to sustainable agriculture. Their mission statement says exactly what being “sustainable” means to them: “We believe that through dedication, hard work, and modern technological advancements, we can provide the freshest fruits and vegetables all year round without the use of harmful pesticides.” Their hydroponic greenhouse recirculates water, leftover food scraps are fed to their free-ranging chickens, and herbs that do not sell are infused into soaps.

With the new found interest in local “farm to table” food for sale in the Hudson Valley, Fable’s fresh produce is sustainably grown in Ossining - and allows Westchester residents a chance to support a local business and eat healthy at the same time.

Fable prides itself on the idea of becoming a year-round local source for high quality food using organic practices. They aim to provide the “freshest, most nutrient-rich herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the region” in an effort to create healthy produce and in turn - a healthy environment.

Tom Deacon was born and raised in Yorktown. After attending Lakeland High School and two years at Westchester Community College, he spent several years in Los Angeles, California finishing his Bachelor’s Degree and working in the film industry. After moving back to Westchester he realized there was a demand from residents and restaurants for local farm fresh produce. With his background in Media Arts and his new passion for farming, he started Fable in 2015.

Fable serves both Westchester residents who join Fable’s “community”, through the use of an innovative community supported agriculture (CSA) program, as well as farm-to-table chefs in many local restaurants and eateries.

CSA programs are vital to local farms because they provide farmers the cash they need to prepare for the upcoming season by allowing “community” members to pre-pay for produce during the winter and spring. This influx of needed cash is used to buy seeds, plant cover crops to feed the soil, repair equipment, and a whole host of other needed expenses while providing the CSA “community” member with delicious, fresh, and nutritious produce during the summer and fall.

What makes Fable’s CSA so special is that instead of the farm choosing what produce to provide the consumer, regardless of the consumer’s preference or needs that week, members of Fable’s community can purchase a “Farm Card” for $250 or more before the season starts. Members use this card like cash throughout the summer and fall and can pick out their own produce, at whatever quantity they would like, over the course of the growing season. Each weekly purchase is subtracted from the members “farm card” – just like a bank account.

According to Deacon, Fable strives to “make local and organic farming the norm. Not only can we grow food that is delicious to eat, it is the medicine that will make you healthier as well.”