June 1, 2018 - After yet another bridge strike on the Hutchinson River Parkway at the King Street Bridge in Rye Brook, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is calling on the New York State Department of Transportation, the Trucking Association of New York and Rye Brook Village Officials to come together and find a solution once and for all.

Latimer is urgently calling for a meeting at the County Office Building to develop an enhanced and more aggressive plan to deter tucks from entering the Hutchison River Parkway.

Latimer said: “We have had enough. Thursday’s incident tells us that what has been done so far is not enough and we have to treat this like the serious problem that is it.  The strikes are dangerous to motorists, pedestrians and those who live near the Parkway.  This cannot go on – and I am adamant that it will not.” 

No commercial vehicles are allowed on the parkway.