Gun Violence Awareness DayJune 1, 2018 - In the gym of the Theodore D. Young Community Center and surrounded by a sea of young activists, County Executive George Latimer, Chairman of the Board of Legislators Ben Boykin, Executive Director of the Youth Bureau Dr. DaMia Harris, Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action and individual youth organizations joined together to kick-off National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Compassionate students as young as 12 gathered in the gym to create “care cards” supplied by Moms Demand Action. Bright colors with hearts and flowers covered the cards that were then sent to victims of gun violence. Many of the students wore orange, matching the ribbons on the trees outside, the color for gun violence awareness.

Latimer said: “It is important for us today and every day to be aware of gun violence. The younger generation is growing up in a time where their safety is compromised. As County Executive, I recently banned gun shows from all County property. I will continue to make any efforts I can in keeping our County safe.”

Boykin said: "It's moving to see the young people of Westchester and the nation galvanized by the issue of gun violence. But it's humbling too because they turn to us for leadership, and too often political leaders have failed them. No young person should have to live in fear of gun violence -- not in Westchester, not anywhere. These young people remind those of us in public life that it's our moral responsibility to leave behind a better, safer, saner world than the one we find ourselves in today."

Harris-Madden said: “I am extremely proud of the young people who have answered the call to spread awareness concerning gun violence prevention. Although gun violence prevention awareness is not relegated to a specific day or month, the planning of today’s event demonstrates the effectiveness of solidarity, and the humanitarian response for those who have been adversely impacted by gun violence.”

Co-Lead of the Westchester chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Patricia Colella said:          “I am a co-lead of the Westchester chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which was founded in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the five years since, Moms Demand Action has grown to include a chapter in every state, with more than 4 million supporters dedicated to ending the epidemic of gun violence that kills 33,000 Americans every year.”