County Executiv George Latimer touring the Sing Sing MuseumWestchester County Executive George Latimer was joined by state and local officials and business leaders, for an inside look at the proposed Sing Sing Prison Museum space in Ossining. The Museum, which will detail Sing Sing’s unique prison history, is expected to create jobs and bring a tourism boost to Ossining and the Hudson Valley. 

The proposal for the Sing Sing Prison Museum includes the construction of a theatre, classroom, a replica of an 1825 cell block and a rooftop providing visitors with a panoramic view of the Hudson River. The four-story, $50 million museum would be housed inside what’s known as the Powerhouse, a section of the prison that once provided electricity to the entire facility.

The Sing Sing Prison Museum is aiming to open to the public in time for the prison’s 200th Anniversary in 2025.