Feb. 3, 2018 -- Westchester County Executive George Latimer and the Westchester County Department of Public Safety are rolling out a new transparent Police Chaplain selection process.   Under the Executive Order issued by Latimer, and to help ensure transparency, all requests for consideration to be designated as a Police Chaplain must be addressed to the Commissioner of Public Safety, and must have copies of such requests provided to the County Executive, the County Attorney and the Chairman of the Board of Legislators.

Chaplains, to be designated as “Police Chaplains” associated with the Department of Public Safety, must:

  • Be approved by the Commissioner of Public Safety
  • Be a clergy member
  • Reside in Westchester or be the religious leader of a Westchester congregation
  • Serve without compensation
  • Be included on a list containing the names of Police Chaplains

The list of Police Chaplains, which the Commissioner of Public Safety will provide to the County Executive, the County Attorney and the Chair of the Board of Legislators twice a year, will also be made available to the public under the Freedom of Information Law.

“This is another step my Administration is taking to give Westchester County back to the people,” said Latimer. “Too long has County government been operated at the absolute whim of the Executive, ignoring what would be better, more equitable practices that utilize the great folks already living here. That ends now and this measure is just another piece of that puzzle.”