County Executive George Latimer sends long held WCC contracts to the BOL for review.Jan. 10, 2018 -- In a new era of cooperation, County Executive George Latimer sent long held contracts for Westchester Community College (WCC) employees to the Board of Legislators for review.

Latimer said: “The faculty and staff at Westchester Community College are shaping and molding the minds of Westchester residents. Their work is commendable, and so it is only fair that they get the respect they deserve with renewed contracts. Sending the contracts to the Board of Legislators is something I promised WCC workers on the campaign trail, and I am keeping to my word.”

WCC President Dr. Belinda Miles said: “After nearly eight years working under expired contracts, our faculty and staff are one step closer to our collective goal of updated contracts. We applaud the negotiating teams that came to the table and reached an agreement after I arrived three years ago, and we appreciate the action that takes these contracts to the next step in the process. We highly value all of our employees whose talents and efforts are what helps students receive quality education and relevant job training at Westchester Community College.”

The sending of the contracts comes after years of back and forth between college officials, unions and the prior Westchester County Executive’s office. The tentative agreements are between the Westchester Community College Administration, the CSEA and the WCC Federation of Teachers. The contracts cover nearly 600 employees at WCC.

County Board Chair Ben Boykin said: “We are pleased to be receiving the contracts. We expect the process to move fast. It’s time to move forward and we anticipate doing that.”

WCC CSEA Union Representative Carol Ann Zavarella-Vasta said: “CSEA is thrilled. It has been a very long time, and while the College’s Board of Trustees and the College’s Administration has always had respect for us, this contract has been missing. Thank you County Executive Latimer and Dr. Miles – this is certainly a big step forward.”